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Tragopan is a site dedicated to the study and to the knowledge of the wildlife in Asia and particularly in China. Tragopan details the main part of the observations realized in areas  underestimated and often very difficult to access. That much information and images that the team gives you all… This mission of information is part of a wider set of activities ranging from the publication and the distribution of the naturalists knowledge, the production of pictures and videos reports, the implementation of a database of the various calls and songs of Asian birds, to the conception, the manufacturing, and  sales of  equipments specifically designs for  observing and  photographing birds…

Opened to all, photographers, scientists or simple lovers of an unusual wildlife, Tragopan wants to be the reflection of a passion which we share, which we would like to share with you…

Tragopan is led by :


Recognized ornithologist and photographer (in the field of digiscoping), ringer for the French Museum. He has a very varied  international experience in the realization of inventories of avifauna, in particular species enfeoffed in the wet zones, the migratory and marine birds. He was in charge for seven years, to create and managed the first database naturalists of Ouessant island (France), of the permanent follow-up of the avifauna (migrants, resident and sea birds), of the transmission of the ornithological informations. He works since March 2011 for the league of Protection of Birds delegation PACA (LPO PACA) on the monitoring of the salt marshes of Hyères (France).


Wildlife film-maker and photographer, Charles developed specific skills to wildlife films in all conditions, by limiting at most the nuisances which ensue from it. He created his own audiovisual production company specialized in the documentary movies around nature and environment. It allows him to have a big freedom of creation and to propose movies where it is often question of the possible cohabitation between man and wildlife. Involved in several associations of nature conservation and educational to environment, he proposes tools of raising sensitization for every type of public.


Fascinated by ornithology and by animal photography since his youngest age, Jonathan left his native Sologne (France) to go and  live in China where he set up a designer’s activity specialized in luggages. During  his spare time, he visits certain regions of the South of China among the most underestimated and also works on some species little known as the Swinhoe’s Plover.

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