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Hide V3 in Mongolia : on the meeting of the Siberian migrants

It is during a trip of about fifteen days that our colleague Aurélien AUDEVARD, traveled a part of Mongolia in the discovery of her avifauna. The opportunity for him to test the hide Tragopan V3 (with a simple net of camouflage) on the Siberian migrants in stopping place, near the Ongii river. The hide Tragopan [...]

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Spoonbilled Sandpiper : a new wintering site in South West Guangdong

On 17th of December 2012, with Richard Lewthwaite, during a survey in South West Guangdong in China, searching for potential Spoonbilled Sandpiper wintering site (survey funded by the HongKong Birdwatching Society), we were abble to locate 4 birds at Fucheng near Leizhou city. The birds had joined a sizeable roost of about 1500 shorebirds in [...]

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Update 27/01/2013

The hide Tragopan v3 in brown version is exhausted from now on at this end of January. We shall receive new copies towards in the begining of March. In the meantime, you can already pre-order this hide on our shop with 10 % of discount. On the other hand, our backpack Tétras 500 v3 and [...]

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